Alsalam Alaikum

I hope this letter reaches you in the best of Health and Iman.

As educators, here at International Leadership School, we always start our day with the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW) and remembrance of Allah on our tongues and in our hearts and mind. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was always concerned with teaching Muslims to have the best manners and personal characteristics as well as to excel in everything they do. This will be our focus and goal with one another and our students this year.

I also would like to thank the Administrative team and the dedicated team of faculty and staff who have created and inspired your child(ren) to be great students and young Muslims with strong Iman.

We welcome your feedback and concerns always, please feel free to reach out to me at
I look forward to a great year with you and wish a Blessed School Year, Insha-Allah!
Best Regards,

Abdulwahab Abashaar
International Leadership school

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Our Mission

ILSĀ  is working to cover the need of learning Muslim kids in north Indiana in Islamic environment that develops Islamic morals.

Our Vision
To be leading education center which all the community members feel as home and center for their kids and to build leaders of the future.

Our Goals

1. To promote education and Islamic morals
2. To provide diversity culture based on education, respect and morals
3. To provide full time Islamic school.

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4508 Parnell Ave,

Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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