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Abdulwahab Abashaar

My name is Abdulwahab Abashaar I love and enjoy being in the  field of education, I spent more than two decades as a teacher and principal I want to implement the experience  I have to our future leaders here at Ft. Wayne IN. I see big potential in our young generation to prepare them as the leaders of tomorrow with the right Islamic manners that our beloved prophet Mohammed (pbuh) taught us.

Fareda Ma

My name is Fareda Ma. I came from Thailand and live in Fort Wayne. I graduated from North Side High school and attended IPFW. I have graduated recently from PFW with a degree in Elementary Education. This is my first year of teaching and I am currently teaching Second grade at ILS. Although I am new in education setting as a teacher, I have been around different school settings for many years and learned a lot about students from different backgrounds and levels of education. Through my previous observations and school experiences, I have set my heart to become a teacher, and to be helping hand in my community. May Allah bless you.

Miss Davis’s

Miss Davis’s love for teaching all started when she was a crew-trainer at a Mc. Donald’s Restaurant in Gillette, Wyoming. She was responsible for training and teaching all of exchange students who came from all over the world to the United States for a learning opportunity. It was at this moment Miss Davis knew she had the patience and passion to help others learn, especially, English Language Learners. At the age of 18, she started her journey in education. After working immensely hard over the course of 14 years, Miss Davis earned her well-deserved bachelor’s degree in Elementary education from Indiana University East. She taught for 1 year in the second grade and realized that public schools were not for her. Now, she is the 4th grade teacher here at the International Leadership School She says, “this is right where she belongs”.

Wilbert Brown

Wilbert Brown has been a teacher and educator since 2002. He has lived in Fort Wayne since 2003. He earned his master’s degree in 2005 from Saint Francis University. He started his career in education as a substitute teacher, and has taught First, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades. He is currently, the Fifth-Grade teacher here at International Leadership School. “I am a lifelong learner and educator. If you are a student, I am a teacher. If you are a teacher, I am a student”. – Wilbert Brown

Danyel Thomas

My Name is Danyel Thomas. I am originally from Pittsburgh Pa. I enjoy spending my free time with my family I have two boys. I have a psychology degree from a prestigious university. I then spent 10 years working in suicide prevention and negotiating charges for the criminally insane. I then moved to Indiana and found myself as a registered behavioral therapist, and a cognitive trainer. I soon found my true passion in teaching. I very much look forward to assisting your students in advancing throughout the year. I, myself am a student. I’m currently in school successfully earning my masters degree in early childhood education. Please if you ever have any concerns or would just like to talk or see what is ahead always reach out. I am available. I believe in open communication and transparency is absolute key for student success.

Sabra Omerovic

My name is Sabra Omerovic. I am the youngest staff member at ILS. I love working at ILS and being around your children! I try my best to teach them proper Islamic manners as well as general life lesson while having fun doing. So, currently I am working on getting my bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies. In the meantime, at ILS, I am either substituting for classes, or I am spending time working in the school office alongside Dina and Abdulwahab.

Afrah Humaidi

Name is Afrah Humaidi. I have been in the Fort Wayne Islamic Community since 2016.  I carry a diploma in Quran and Islamic studies from Khadija Islamic Center, Sanaa- Yemen. I have worked as an interpreter for 2 years, I was excited about the Islamic school opening up and was one of the first volunteers at ILS and currently I teach Islamic studies, Arabic and Quran at ILS. I believe that when Allah have blessed you with knowledge the best way to thank Allah for this blessing is by passing the knowledge forward. I believe children are a blessing; I enjoy teaching and being around them.

Hamzah Sharif

My name is Hamzah Sharif, I’m married and have 2 kids. I moved to Fort Wayne in 2015. I studied International Business at Henry Ford College in Dearborn, MI. I also earned an Islamic Sciences degree from Mishkah Islamic University.

Dina Ali

My name is Dina Ali I have worked for Islamic schools now going on 6 years as an Administrative Admin. My dream is to see all Islamic schools thrive with full potential. I thank the parents to trust us with their children and to take an important step in putting their children in an Islamic school to learn Arabic, Islamic studies, most importantly Quran. Our children will carry around the environment they are in for the rest of their lives. I reward parents for taking such step.

Ms. Robin Brown

Hi! My name is Ms. Robin Brown. I grew up in Hamilton, Indiana which is about an hour north of Fort Wayne. I am a licensed Elementary Teacher and Medical Assistant. I graduated from Indiana State University where I earned a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education as well as Ivy Tech Community college where I earned an Associate Degree in Elementary Education as well and Medical Assisting. I am a licensed teacher in the State of Indiana. This is my 3rd year teaching kindergarten. I previously taught Medical Assisting at Brown Mackie College, MedTech College, and helped many Medical Assisting students get their hands-on experience at a clinic located here in Fort Wayne. I come from very large families and have six children of my own. Their ages are 3, 7, 9, 12, 19 and 23. I recently became a Grandma for the first time. We also have two four babies. My family enjoys the great outdoors and family outings. I love learning and teaching what I have learned. I make it a goal to learn something new each day. I love teaching Kindergarten because I love to share my love of learning with them and help them to grow into a caring and productive member of society. I do this by trying to make learning as fun as possible so that it can become a lifelong habit. 

Sarah Erman

My name is Sarah Erman. I am from Fremont Indiana and I am 24 years old. I grew up on a farm and the lakes before moving to Fort Wayne for college. I graduated from IPFW with 3 degrees. I worked as a therapist for kids with autism for a year, I also worked as a Youth and Family Specialist. I love working with kids and being creative.


Sitey Mubarak

My name is Sitey Mubarak, I have been in the Fort Wayne Community for about 15 years. I have 10 beautiful kids. I love to volunteer and work at Islamic institutes. It has been a pleasure working at ILS.



Amenah Alkhatib


Ms. Amenh has worked at Sama international school in (Dubai) for 3 years. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Educational Science & Arts with a Bachelors Degree in Class teaching. “Teachers are messengers sent to humanity by God.”






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Our Mission

ILS  is working to cover the need of learning Muslim kids in north Indiana in Islamic environment that develops Islamic morals.

Our Vision
To be leading education center which all the community members feel as home and center for their kids and to build leaders of the future.

Our Goals

1. To promote education and Islamic morals
2. To provide diversity culture based on education, respect and morals
3. To provide full time Islamic school.

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Transportation is provided ....


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